About Us

UniAdvisor is an online platform through which students can find useful and up-to-date information regarding their Higher Education and Degree choices whilst browsing through a vast selection of subjects, Universities and Colleges.

Through this interactive website, students can engage with other students, ask questions and discuss matters of education, studies, finances, accommodation and student life. They have the chance to post their questions and receive a formal reply from the UniAdvisor representatives, a team consisting of qualified Education and Career Advisors or even gain a response from the University / College Representative directly. Visitors of the website, also have the opportunity to read interesting articles and share their own opinion, engaging in constructive dialogue.

UniAdvisor is a neutral website. As an online guidance tool, it presents all Educational Institutions gathered together, making the search of an Academic Degree, University or College that much easier. Its user-friendly design allows prospective students to view all options of a specific course / programme, whilst comparing the Institutions and course outline.

For each subject, students can read a detailed overview covering useful information on essential key competencies, course study modules, employment potentials and Institutions offering the respective programme.

With specific navigation systems, UniAdvisor users have the choice to either browse via “Subjects” based on their personal career path interests or via “Universities” / “Colleges” based on their preference of Institution. The Universities / Colleges presented showcase their Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes offered, Facilities, Admissions process, as well as information on Accommodation and Finances. Direct links to the Institutions’ official website are on site and users may use that to find out more information.

Applying for a course is a piece of cake! Simply press the “Apply” tab on the top of your page or through the “Apply to …”on the University’s / College’s UniAdvisor page. It’s that easy!!