Study in … Czech Republic!

Study in … Czech Republic!

The long-standing reputations of Universities, the exciting and stimulating specialisations, the affordable tuition fees and living costs as well as the lively and colourful environment of make Czech Republic a unique place to study!


Though the main tuition language is Czech, a significant variety of University programmes are taught in English.

University degrees are accredited at Bachelor’s lever (3-4 years), Master’s level (1-3 years) and Doctoral programmes (normally 3 years).


Entry requirements

if you have a school certificate or degree issued outside Czech Republic, you will be required to obtain an official document proving that your education is equal to the education in the Czech Republic. The process of recognition of completed education differs according to the level of education which you need to have recognised.

The process of recognition of elementary, secondary and higher (not university) education is called “nostrifikace”

The process of recognition of university education is called the “recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in the Czech Republic”. The documentation of completed university education is called “diplom” (diploma).

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Remember to check University websites for specific entry requirements, as each institution has its own admissions procedure.


Tuition Fees

Higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for those who will study in Czech language.  Private institutions of higher education can fix their own fees.

For student swishing to study for a programme in a foreign language (i.e in English), tuition fees apply – depending on the degree level and institution.

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