Restaurants around University of Nicosia

QuestionsRestaurants around University of Nicosia
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Constantinos KounnisConstantinos Kounnis asked 2 years ago

I was wondering whether you could recommend any good restaurants around the University of Nicosia? 

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Margarita ManoliMargarita Manoli UniAdvisor Representative answered 2 years ago

The University of Nicosia is located in Engomi. Depending on your personal preference, you can find several nice restaurants nearby, either by walking distance or by a short bus drive.
To name a few, “Bennigan’s Grill & Tavern” American / Irish type of diner (15-20 min. walking distance), “Imperial Chinese Nicosia” (5-10 min. walking distance), “Akakiko” Japanese / Asian cuisine (15-20 min. walking distance), “Jamie’s Italian Restaurant” for an Italian night out (approx. 20 min. walking distance).
I would suggest visiting tripadvisor where can specify your search by selecting a cuisine, restaurant reviews, price range and distance from your location.